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The scouting experience of a lifetime.

Since 1971, opportunities are abound throughout northern Maine for extended backcountry travel with Maine High Adventure!
Canoeing is by far the most popular mode of travel for Maine High Adventure crews. Paddling is available on lakes, ponds, easy to intermediate streams and rivers, and challenging whitewater. A crew can plan a laid-back relaxing trip, a strenuous demanding trip, or anything in between. Portaging may have to be included… no extra charge! Many groups also include day climbs or side trips in their itinerary. Climbing some of Maine’s majestic mountains, as well as visiting historical land- marks or unique natural areas, adds welcome variety to the trip plan. Backpacking is also available for MHA crews, however the options are limited. The scenery is beautiful, but the terrain and footing make backpacking at MHA some of the most demanding found anywhere. Crews wishing to include backpacking in their trip plan should indicate those desires when scheduling their MHA experience.


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